DMU Discount Campaigns Module

Create your discount campaigns in advance and assign reduction to a product selection in no time ! 

CompatibilityCompatibles PrestaShop V à PrestaShop V 8.1.5

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Set up your discount campaigns easily!

Sales are usually really stressful to prepare because you need to do a lot in a short amount of time. DMU discount campaigns module is a quick and easy way to implement a price decrease to a selection of products without feeling anxious.  


The module is really easy to use. The interface is composed of two columns which are “Products search” and “Products on sales”. You only need to transfer the products from a column to the other.

Setting up the campaign

To set up your campaign, you only have to give it a name, for example “Winter sales 2016” and to set dates and time of the start and end of the campaign. It is possible to change the dates at any time.

Products search:

It is possible to search products by categories or by entering the name or the reference of the product in the blank field. You can select one or several products.

Implementing the price decreases

You have to define the amount or the percentage of the decrease you want to implement. The new prices are displayed directly in the interface. You need to confirm your action in order to implement the prices to the products. On the right column, you will find the recap of all the products on sales, with the amount or the percentage of the reduction, and the new price.  

New features ! It is now possible to apply the discount to the chosen combination. You can also choose to display : 

  • Only active products
  • Only products with a minimum age 
  • The stock, the date of the last purchase, and the margin based on the wholesale price. 

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