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Isn't information the key to success ? It is important to analyze your website traffic to determine what improvements could be made. This module can get you all the information you need in real time (visitor's path, visitor's identity, orders etc.) ! 

CompatibilityPrestaShop 1.4 à 1.7 (la version v8 arrive)

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Analyze your website traffic in real time!

It is really useful to know what internet users are looking for to improve your e-shop and to identify some blocking steps. This module gives you real time information about your visitor’s path (identity, pages viewed, product viewed) and allows you to follow the ordering process in real time !

Features of the module

Get information about the internet users

  • The visitor's identity if he is using his customer account, if he is new or not
  • The visiting time (browsing history)
  • His origin: Search engine (which one? What key words did he use?), direct access, another website?
  • The browser and the terminal he used.

New feature! You can now check out the browsing history from 15 days ago on every term you want : you can display the results by terminal, by clients, by browser etc.

Visualize your visitor’s path in real time

When your visitor is connected to your e-shop, you can see:

  • His lending page, the date and time
  • Each viewed page (refreshed every 5 seconds)
  • As a visitor becomes the first on the list every time he visits another page, you can follow easily the ones who surf the most.
  • Inactivity (the visitor’s line disappears after being inactive for 20 minutes).

New feature! It is now possible to add a personalized tracking system to every element on the e-shop

New feature! You can now hide a visitor by defining him as a robot.

Follow the ordering process

The visitor’s line changes of color at every step of the ordering process. Here are all the steps:

  • The details of the visitor’s cart
  • The client authentication
  • The delivery choice
  • The payment choice
  • The order confirmation

Visualize orders in real time.

New feature! Thanks to the dashboard, you can now see the last orders on your e-shop in real time. You don’t need to use the listing of orders.

Draw some conclusions and improve your e-shop

This module is a way to identify some potential problems like:

  • Blocking steps
  • A recurring page error

New feature! The interface is now responsive! 

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