DMU Quick accessories / products Association

This module is the perfect way to administrate your accessories products association ! It takes just a few seconds thanks to the single interface. 

CompatibilityPrestaShop V PrestaShop V 8.1.0

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Associate your products thanks to a single interface.

Would you like to avoid spending hours going from one product information sheet to another to set your products association? It is now possible with DMU Quick accessories / products association module!


There are two ways to use this module.

The multiple products association method

  • Search the products you would like to associate
  • Select your products
  • Click on “Associate”

Your products are now associated ! 

Example for 3 products A, B and C :

  •  Products B and C are associated to the product A
  •  Products A and C are associated to the product B
  •  Products A and B are associated to the product C

The simple association method

  • Choose the products you would like to associate with one particular product
  • Search and select the products you want to associate
  • Confirm the association. 

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