DMU Quick products / categories association

A quick and easy way to associate your products to categories ! 

This module is very useful if you want to create a temporary selection, like for Christmas time for example. 

CompatibilityPrestaShop V à PrestaShop V 8.1.0

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Associate your products to categories in just a few clicks! 

Would you like to avoid opening every product information sheet to choose the categories association? It is now possible with the module DMU quick products / categories association.

It is an efficient way to make products selection for events, for sales or for example, for Christmas time. It is also a time saver if you have some manually operated products selection on your homepage.

The unique interface allows you to:

  • Associate a product selection to a category
  • Visualize and modify the default category of every product
  • Move a product selection from a category to another
  • Modify the products order in a category by dragging and dropping it. 

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